champagne glasses with conceptual heterosexual decoration for straight couples There’s no question that summer is the most popular season to have a wedding, but that doesn’t necessarily make it the best time to have one. Between the stifling heat and many desirable venues already booked up years in advance, it might be better to opt for a less popular time of year to say your “I Do’s.” Here are a few top reasons fall is the best time of year to have your perfect wedding!

You Will Save Money

One of the benefits of having a fall wedding is the savings. In SC, late fall (late October to early December) is considered the beginning of the off-season for weddings, meaning that you will most likely have an easier time booking a venue and vendor team you love. Additionally, you may find that venues and vendors come at a discounted price because there aren’t as many people getting married in this time frame.

Amazing Scenery

With the leaves changing into yellows, oranges, and reds, the fall is undoubtedly the most beautiful time to have an outdoor wedding ceremony. The gorgeous and vibrant autumn colors make for the most stunning photography backdrops. At Magnolia Manor, you may be able to capture photographs that feature the colorful leaves of our large oak trees. Your photographer may even capture candid shots of you and your spouse throwing fallen leaves at each other or a beautiful photo of your rings amongst the foliage. The opportunity for creativity is endless when you have a wedding during the gorgeous autumn season. Also, fall tends to be less rainy, which is the hope for any outdoor ceremony.

At Magnolia Manor Bed & Breakfast, our woodlands and meadows offer the perfect outdoor photo backdrop for your autumn wedding celebration! Step outside our 1891 chapel, and you'll witness two rolling acres of evergreens, oaks, and azaleas. Our private property's natural, rustic beauty offers stunning wedding photography, lovely vintage backdrops, and beautiful landscapes in all seasons, especially fall.

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