Wedding Venues in Clemson, SCWhen it comes to wedding planning, there may be a lot of tradition to consider depending on your religion, heritage, and culture. If you want to stick closely to the tried-and-true customs you grew up hearing about, that’s great! But if you’re looking for a way to put a brand-new twist on your wedding or combine a little bit of old and new, a wedding theme might be your solution.

With the right team and best resources available, you’ll have no trouble successfully pulling off any wedding theme. Start your preparation by learning which strategies will help you—and which ones to avoid!

DO pay attention to detail.

The secret to making your wedding theme work is to create a cohesive and authentic experience for your guests. Conveying your motif with thoughtful details is the best way to make your theme feel natural, refined, and convincing. Incorporate your concept artfully through carefully chosen décor, invitations, clothing, and even your menu!

DON’T go overboard.

Overwhelming your wedding with a theme is a surefire way to make the day feel tacky and cheap. Pull subtle references and styles from a primary motif and subtly integrate them into the major elements of your event. Going for a “winter wonderland” vibe? Stick with sparkly silver, warm red, and ice blue in your color scheme. Don’t cover the floor of your reception hall in cotton balls and call it snow. Be tasteful and keep it fun!

DO choose a complementary venue.

Your venue is going to set the entire scene and control the ambiance of your wedding day! Without an appropriate backdrop, no amount of detail will sell your theme. Be patient and take your time finding something that suits your needs and vision. You might even consider choosing your venue first, then basing the theme off that.

DON’T choose a theme that doesn’t reflect you.

If you don’t want a themed wedding, you don’t have to have one! If you do, don’t feel compelled to go with a popular trend or crowd pleaser—make it personal. Your wedding is a chance for you and your partner to express yourselves as a couple. Make your wedding feel like yours for you and the loved ones who have come to celebrate with you.

To guarantee your wedding theme really hits home, consider opting for an all-inclusive package at Magnolia Manor! Our team of experts will coordinate with one another to make sure all the details are just right and to your liking. We also have several gorgeous venue sites to choose from that can be transformed to fit many different themes. Contact us today to schedule a visit or get started on customizing your special day!