Bed and Breakfasts America has become homogenized. Take a trip “somewhere else” away from home, and you’re likely to see the same set of stores and restaurants and hotel chains you’ve got at home. It seems like everywhere you go there’s Target, Wal-Mart, McDonalds, Subway, Marriott and Holiday Inn.



Thank goodness for Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs) like Magnolia Manor in Westminster, South Carolina. B&Bs are one-of-a-kind places to stay overnight where you’re treated more like family than just a number on a credit card.



Hotels are pretty basic, whereas B&Bs seem to go the extra mile to personalize your stay, much like you were visiting friends and family. Typically, B&Bs offer free parking, Wi-Fi, snacks, and an included breakfast, hence the name! Perhaps the breakfast is the highlight of a stay at a B&B because it’s something you don’t get elsewhere: a home-cooked meal.



Furthermore, B&Bs keep things interesting with their unique rooms. Unlike the uniformity of hotel chains where all the rooms look alike, B&Bs rarely have rooms that look/feel alike. Each room in a B&B has a distinct character to it. Some may be themed. Others may have fireplaces. You might find yourself surrounded by vintage antiques. B&Bs often decorate rooms with things that are far from ordinary, giving guests something to talk about and tell others about.



B&Bs owners and workers tend to have stories to tell about the history of the place. They’re usually willing to tell you all about how the building came to be, what it used to be used for, and any “secrets” it holds. Unlike corporate lodgings, expect a lot of personal attention-- if you want it-- from the staff at B&Bs like Magnolia Manor. Want to know where to walk to, shops to see, places to eat nearby, or church service times? Just ask.



Finally, B&Bs will often surprise guests with “little extras” that make their stay more memorable than an average place would. For instance, fresh, warm cookies just out of the oven or free wine and finger foods in the evening add a nice touch to a guest’s stay, right?



A stay at the Magnolia Manor in South Carolina is a unique experience. Email to inquire about reservations.