Pop-Up Weddings in Greenville, SCSome people go all out for their weddings with a three-course menu, extravagant gown, full orchestra, and 300 guests to boot! Others prefer to skip the big wedding and opt for something more lowkey, or they simply can’t afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a single day or event.

At Magnolia Manor, we understand that big weddings aren’t feasible or desirable for everyone. Fortunately, having a small wedding doesn’t mean your celebration can’t feel like a big one. Check out some of the ways that, when it’s done right, having a small, intimate wedding can be just as special!

Celebrate your love in an intimate environment.

Planning a small wedding requires you to narrow down your guest list to only the people with whom you are the closest to share your big day. You’ll create a special atmosphere of love, knowing everyone in attendance is there because of your special relationship.

Plus, with fewer guests, you’ll have more time to spend with each one, making it that much more memorable and meaningful for everyone involved!

Enjoy more freedom with your money.

When you go smaller with your wedding budget, you can put those savings toward a house, honeymoon, or another investment for your future. Or, you can reallocate that extra money to other areas of your wedding, allowing yourself to have those distinguished, extravagant details you’ve always dreamed of!

One of our specialties at Magnolia Manor is intimate pop-up weddings that make your celebrations easier and less stressful, without having to make any sacrifices. Our team will take care of everything you need for your ceremony and reception, customizing it to your preferences in the process.

Give us a call at 864-647-8559 to learn more about our venue and package options, and to check our availability for your upcoming wedding!