A lot of couples like to take advantage of the sunny summer weather or vibrant fall foliage when they set the date for their wedding. Some soon-to-be-newlyweds though prefer to turn their special day into a winter wonderland!

All-Inclusive Wedding Venues in Clemson, SC

Winter is a magical time to have a wedding. Falling snow creates a stunning backdrop and the cold weather makes you want to cuddle up close to the ones you love. When you plan a winter wedding though, you do need to keep the comfort of your guests in mind. Once you’ve found the perfect seasonal venue, think about giving one of these cute ideas a try to keep your guests warm and cozy!

1) Accessorize your seats.

Drape something snuggly over your guests’ chairs that they can use to keep warm during the ceremony. Get a bulk order of blanket scarves or fuzzy throw blankets to make sure your loved ones stay toasty and relaxed! Choose a cute wintry pattern or something in your color scheme and it’ll double as charming décor.

2) Give them something warm to hold.

It seems like your fingers are always the first to succumb to the winter cold. Give guests a warm welcome by providing a useful favor to keep their hands warm for the ceremony! Have a hot cocoa bar available right as they walk in, or a basket of handwarmers they can grab. You can even personalize the handwarmers with yours and your partners’ initials or wedding hashtag!

3) Serve warm drinks and comfort food.

Do you know what a lot of people love most about the holidays? The food! Embrace the season at your winter wedding with a hearty menu and hot beverages for you and your guests. Fill them up on chunky soups, pot pies, and holiday puddings. Serve spiced cider and cocoa during dinner too, to keep the coziness coming.

4) Have a fireside reception.

Deck the reception halls with fiery accessories to keep your guests nice and thawed! Have an open fireplace or a roaring bonfire they can enjoy outside. See if you can use heat lamps or strategically place a few tasteful space heaters around the venue. Your guests will have somewhere to warm up and it’ll add to the ambiance of your special day.

At Magnolia Manor, we have several gorgeous ceremony sites for you to choose from that work for weddings in any season! Cozy up in our rustic chapel barn, exchange your vows against the backdrop of a delicate snowfall in our romantic courtyard, or use one of our other amazing venues.

Whatever you need to make your winter wedding magical, we’ll make it happen. Contact us today to check availability and learn more about our convenient all-inclusive wedding packages!