Gone are the days of choosing between the standard steak or fish when you RSVP to a wedding. Thankfully, wedding food has come a long way. Your wedding menu is a chance to both please your guests and add even more of your own stylish flare to the event!

All-Inclusive Wedding Venues in South Carolina

Whether you’re bringing in your own professional caterer or taking advantage of an all-inclusive venue, an artfully curated menu is the perfect way to take your special day to the next level!

1.) Offer the right amount of options.

This is your special day, so it makes sense that you want to create a menu that reflects your personal food preferences and incorporates your favorites. It is, however, still important to remember that your guests have come out to celebrate you and your new milestone too!

Offer a mix of crowd-pleasers and custom preferences for people to choose from. Accommodate your own tastes and those of others with a variety of options. There’s no need to go overboard though—two to three choices for the main course will be plenty.

2.) Make the food fit the mood.

The menu you provide for your guests should match the experience they have at your wedding. Wouldn’t you think it was a little weird if you went to a formal reception hall and dinner was a table of pizza and wings?

Consider the venue, décor, attire, and overall atmosphere of the event when designing your menu. A meal that’s out of place will disrupt the flow of the day.

3.) Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Dinner can be more than just a transition between the ceremony and the fun parts of the reception. Make your meal part of the event by playing around with your menu. If a traditional sit-down dinner isn’t your thing, almost every catering service offers a buffet or food station option!

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box either—something like a series of delicious tastings or a wine pairing can make things lively and memorable for your guests.

The chef at Magnolia Manor has over 12 years of experience preparing unique and delectable menus for weddings of all sizes and styles! Use our gorgeous venue and add in-house catering. Or, opt for one of our convenient all-inclusive packages and let our experts take care of the menu along with all the other details of your wedding.

Stop by for a visit or contact us today to learn more about how we can turn the wedding of your dreams into a reality!